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Founded in 2020, Cold-Link Logistics has quickly ingrained itself in the Public Storage Warehousing sector.  In just over a year, we have formed strategic partnerships with respected industry professionals with years and years of experience. Surrounding yourself with excellence is a key to success and we have no shortage of excellence in the Cold-Link Family.

We pride ourselves in working with clientele big and small, designing specific warehousing solutions that meet every business’ demand. All our services can be completely customized as we recognize no two business' needs are the same. We are dedicated to helping businesses grow and be a staple in their supply chain operations. While there are many companies that can handle your warehousing needs, there are a few components that put Cold-Link above the competition. 

Service Oriented – We are here to serve YOU.  At Cold-Link Logistics, we pride ourselves on the unmatched service we provide our customers.  Whether big or small, we treat all customers the same.  

Integrity – It may not always be easy, but our team knows the importance of doing the right thing.  We continuously add members to the Cold-Link family that have strong moral principles, are trustworthy and honest.  Upholding high integrity is a key to the success of the Cold-Link Family.

Efficiency – We understand that we are one component in a company’s supply chain.  We strive to be as efficient as possible and pass those results onto our customers.  At the end of the day, efficiencies save time and for our customers, time is money.

Teamwork – At Cold-Link, we strive to continue to build our team off family values and respect for not only each other, but our customers as well.  We are here to work as a team, throughout the entire operation of our business and to help you get the results you desire from your warehousing partner. 

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