Mandich Group all began with an idea of wanting to start and build a company from the ground up. Michael, Mark, and Nick were all working different jobs and were quite successful but there was still something missing. So, in 2016 all three brothers started making plans to leave their current positions and start the journey of building a real estate company. We all believed that industrial real estate was the path that we would most enjoy, so the search began. Our first asset purchased just happened to be a well-located small bay freezer facility that needed a lot of work and operational help. We dove right into the business as we leased, maintained and managed every aspect of the property.

We all thought it was just amazing the amount of demand for cold storage space, so we looked at each other and said maybe there is something to this whole cold storage thing. As we continued to grow our footprint we were amazed at the demand and unique nature of these properties that help feed millions of people around the Country. There is something very satisfying when companies and communities thrive as a result of storing and producing food for the general population.  We feel it is the greatest blessing in the world to be a member of the cold chain and it is our intention to be the largest privately held cold storage owners in the United States of America. As our father would always say “Son, nothing happens to a dreamer but a dream, you gotta work for it”.

We would be remised to not give thanks to our amazing parents Bonnie and Jim Mandich who we will remain with us in spirit for all days to come. We are truly a “Company Built on Family Values”.

Today, The Mandich Group owns and manages 7 properties throughout the United States, with over 900,000 sq. feet of cold storage assets under management. For more information on the Mandich Group visit us at www.mandichgroup.com


Michael Mandich


Nick Mandich


Mark Mandich


Will Leahy 

Vice President



Jeanette Acosta 

General Manager

After starting with the company in 2008, Jeannette has been an integral part of turning a good company into a great company. From introducing new policies, making cost saving changes, as well as putting together a great team of individuals. Having a degree in Business Administration, she manages day to day operations, AP/AR, and budgeting.  Given her positive and outgoing people personality and with her past experience in HR for 10 years, she is fair, driven, confident, and a great leader.


Anthony Dyal

Facilties Manager

Anthony started with the company in 2014 after graduating from UCF with a Finance degree. He climbed up from receiving and shipping to management where he helps with daily operations, customer service, implementing new ideas and technology. He has a love of learning and building PCs, in which he is currently pursuing a degree in IT to expand his knowledge to better help and grow the company.  With his quiet personality and patience as a virtue, Anthony brings a good balance to the team.


Scott Olson

General Manager

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